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This is our T-shirts department shop window shop for exciting new products. Some older designs are still available as old stock. If you want any of these items you can buy them here. Look for my products on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Are you a long suffering friend, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, father, uncle, aunt, grandparent, or mother, of a muscle car or truck driver?  Here is the place to get something for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas!

Muscle Car & Truck Shop

For cool T Shirts and money saving repair kits, please review the buying options before you push the buy button. You could save quite a bit of cash if you do this! At Loz’s Cool Rides Discount Store, everything is 20% – 50% cheaper than eBay or Etsy. Those 2 are more expensive due to their advertising rates, selling costs & platform management costs.

Old memories saved

To keep old memories alive I decided to pay homage to my 5 Jeeps. I did this with a series of low key T shirt designs. Starting with the XJ Jeep Cherokee Classic. This T shirt is in sarge green with black and white screen print. Available in all sizes. I then added the ZJ, the CJ and the WK.

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Showing all 6 results